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What is brass

Brass is composed of copper and zinc alloy, copper, zinc composed of brass called ordinary brass. If it is composed of more than two kinds of elements of a variety of alloys ,it is called special Brass. Brass has a strong wear resistance, and brass is often used in the manufacture of valves, water pipes, air conditioning and internal and external machine connection and radiator.



From about AD 1230, brass products have been popular in Europe for about 300 years, because they are much cheaper than large sculptures. The bronze statue of Archbishop Velp, which began in 1231, was the earliest known bronze statue of Brass. The process of casting brass products as below: first, the crushing of zinc ore and charcoal with the copper mixture are to heat, so that the combination of zinc and copper, and then heat the alloy melting. And then pour copper liquid into the mold. The earliest brass in Britain was imported, mainly from El Tur. The client may order a complete tombstone that has been installed in a beautiful backplane or marble base from the El Tur. The way to make a bronze tombstone is to cast a bronze statue first, usually to cast a silhouette around the shed, then put it in a prefabricated slate and carve a man's detail on a bronze statue. Sometimes the hands and faces of a bronze statue are to be used with alabaster or other inlay materials. After the bronze statue is fully done, the dark pins in the lead bolt are fastened to the base of the stone. The bronze statue itself is placed on a layer of asphalt. A large bronze statue is casted in segments and then joined together. 





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Products Scope:

Sculptures/Statues/Figures/Reliefs/Castings/Carvings/Crafts/Arts/Landscapes/ Artworks/Ornaments

Materials     : Stainless Steel, Bronze, Brass, Copper, Fiberglass, Metal, Cast, Aluminium, Resin, Wood, Stone

Types        : Abstract, Religious, Cartoon, Buddha, Modern, Garden, Animals, Water Fountain, Lamp, City, Urban, Figure, Architectural Carving, Building Decoration, Water Feature, Art Collection, European, Western, Chinese Style, Large, Lamp, High good Quality, Vase

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