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Types of sculpture

From the development point of view, the sculpture can be divided into traditional sculpture and modern sculpture. Traditional sculpture is made of traditional materials to shape Visual, tangible, static three dimensional art forms; modern sculpture with new materials, using sound, light and electricity produced by the traditional four, five-dimensional sculpture, sound and light sculptures, soft sculpture, a dynamic sculpture.

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According to the traditional materials, environment and function can be divided into urban sculpture, Garden sculpture, indoor sculpture, outdoor sculpture, desk sculptures, sculptures etc.

Because quite a variety of sculpture materials, clay, stone, wood, ivory, metal, plaster, resin, and so on. Hence development categories:

Wood carving: wood carving has a long history of earlier themes are mostly religious as the core, in addition to sculptures, religious idols, also used for the decoration of the altar, places of worship. In wooden building prosperous countries, wood is a building development. Modern wood has quite a wide range of styles, artists like to use abstract shape to represent. In addition, the wood is also an important contributor of the invention of printing, see woodcut

Stone: stone area suitable for carving stone in the development of a relationship where it is, producing stone developed area, stone's history is quite long. Past stone work is often used as Garden decorations, door signs, or the mausoleum building decoration and so on, based on heavy stones (not stolen), carved detail is not easy because of wind and rain damage, stone works mainly in the outdoor environment. Common stone material is marble.

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