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The meaning of welding sculpture

The meaning of welding sculpture


The welding sculptures can be classified into two types. One is welding metal sculpture, another is the Metal welded wall Hangings. The details as below:


Welding metal sculpture

In the work of welding sculpture, weld seam and cut marks are not passive existence as a kind of technical process, but are embodied in a wonderful and indispensable expressive language. A welding sculpture, thick weld exposed to the surface of the sculpture, a variety of irregular cutting traces have become the artist's beautiful artistic language. In many cases, due to the rough and rustic style of welding sculpture, the corrosion and defects of metals are mostly preserved according to the needs of the works. Therefore, in the welding sculpture often can feel a kind of not to carve, original beauty.

The seam of the lower part of the sculpture is thick. And from the firmness of the welding process, it is obvious that it is not only for the consideration of the sculpture. But in this sculpture, several twisted welds have become an indispensable part of the whole aesthetic of sculpture. From the perspective of sculpture as a whole, whether it is the upper part of the text modelling, or the lower part of the texture treatment, everywhere there are distorted welding traces appear, so the entire work achieved the unity of the overall visual language.


Metal welded wall Hangings

If a mural works as a painting, the screen of dots, lines, faces, black, white, gray and even color processing can be achieved through the welding method. Various types of wire, a variety of materials, the application of different welding technology will be on the screen in different forms. Such as different colors of metal, stainless steel bright silver, aluminum silver, carbon steel black bright, titanium steel, bronze, copper, brass, and steel, different steel at high temperature will appear different color changes, that is welding heat affected zone is different. In addition, cutting is also one of the methods of welding art mural painting, which can be used in combination with welding and can be used alone. It is depending on the creator's intention and mastery of the process and effect. The above-mentioned methods are combined, and the richness of the changes is conceivable.


Hand plasma cutting method that is the use of cutting current heat, so that the cutting edge of the heat-affected area. Then it brings bright white stainless steel "dye" on a circle slightly gradient color. At the same time, through the adjustment of welding specifications, the strong air flow from the cutting of the gun that will melt in the cut plate at the cutting edge of the moment of "blowing" a circle of randomly formed texture. After the completion of metal cooling, curing for a beautiful cut marks, and the middle of the flat bright stainless steel plate has formed a texture contrast. The formation process of this stochastic effect has some contingency, but it is a phenomenon which must be produced under certain welding norm.

From the perspective of size, the larger size of the welding art mural can be semi-automatic CO2 gas shielded welding, and small can be used by hand tungsten argon arc welding.


The metal materail is a good material for making sculpture. The metal can be made into abstract metal sculpture, circle metal sculptures, human or animal sculptures shapes and so on. All the metal sulptures or statues can be put as outdoor decoration,such as holiday decoration , garden decoration, school decoration ,seaside decoration. And they also can be put as indoor decoration, such as home ornaments, office decoration,wall decoration, museum ornament, gallery display and so on.


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