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How to make Buddha Statue

The production method of clay sculpture is roughly divided into two kinds: one is the production method of sculpture which is introduced from Western Europe in modern times, and the other is the method of making traditional clay sculpture.


The methods of producing sculptures from Western Europe : first, there must be a sculpture of iron shelves, the shelves according to the statue's posture, the size of the proportion of the body, and determine the shape of the inner skeleton. In the skeleton four weeks to tie a number of small crosses, its role is to combine the mud into a whole, not collapse, easy to shape. After the shelf completes,The sculptor will accord to the beforehand good mud composition to enlarge to shape. Round is three-dimensional, and must have a whole idea. First of all the mud piled up, then from Jane and complex, finally gradually deepen. The first step is to pay attention to the overall effect of each angle. The second step is to analyze whether the body structure is accurate, and whether the relationship between the whole and the local is unified and harmonious. The third step focuses on the detailed portrayal of the image until it is finished. Clay sculpture due to the impact of the climate is easy to fission shape,which is difficult to save forever, so after the clay sculpture is generally turned into a plaster image. It finally becomes a pieces. Now we are exposed to the sculptures, mostly made of gypsum, often sprayed with a variety of colors, so that it produces bronze, wood, stone and so on the texture.


The traditional method of making clay sculpture in China is different. In the temples of our country, many statues of God and Buddha are resplendent and magnificent. If break a look, originally is a pile of lumber, mud Regiment, cotton, break hemp, sand, straw, wheat straw, reed straw, grain bran, Yuan nails and so on things. Its production process is generally like this: the first step, according to the subject matter, size, dynamic, first put a good wooden skeleton, on the skeleton tied with straw or wheat straw to increase the volume, and then with chaff and straw mud mixed with the thick mud on the skeleton on the hard pressure andpaste. The second step, such as coarse mud dry to 70% of the appearance and then add fine mud (clay, sand, cotton, etc.), the character's demeanor is fully portrayed. The third step, such as clay after the whole dry to produce a lot of cracks in size, and then repair. Step Fourth, after the mud dry, the surface polished clean, and then with glue mounted on a layer of cotton paper, and pressure grinding, so that the surface of a layer more citizen, meticulous, strong, and then coated with a layer of white powder (powder plus glue); The fifth step is in the shape of the body, according to the needs of the characters on a variety of colors, and then coated with a layer of oil when the color is finished . It is to protect the colorful color, and the whole sculpture is completed finally.


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