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Copper sculpture

Copper sculpture making technique General is divided into forged copper and cast copper, cast copper sculpture: to copper for main raw materials, will metal melting into meet must requirements of liquid and poured into cast in, by cooling solidification, and clearing processing Hou get has scheduled shape, and size and performance of casting process making of sculpture art; forged copper sculpture: forged copper sculpture compared cast copper sculpture materials compared strictly, to copper for main raw materials, enclosing steel skeleton support, part complex sculpture need making 1:1 mold for forging, part simple styling can according to put type skeleton forging , Yu, Yi Qiao metal craft manufacturing co copper professional forging for 30 years.

Outdoor Enormous Curved Handicraft Bronze Statues for Garden Decoration

Bronze has a long history, and the technology is mature. Casting process of copper than forged copper complex, good restoration of artistic creation, therefore suitable as a fine piece of material, very loved by artists, especially sculpture is the most common. But the easily oxidized, so to pay more attention to maintenance.

Life-Size Abstract Bronze Figure Statues for Home Decoration

Forged copper sculpture of process, is first made a die, then with special of rubber stick in fixed location Shang, will copper heating Hou texture variable soft of copper put in die Shang with hammer for beat, beat Hou and recovery hard, such will can forming, if yet forming Shi copper variable hard can repeatedly heating, but best don't over three times, do rear into copper sulfate within soaking, eventually making out art works or other life, and industrial supplies.