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Ancient sculptures

Western sculptures of the ancient period in a long time is mainly as a totem, magic and religious services. In the Americas, Mexico State of puboluo Hua hum River Valley is the birthplace of American culture in the great, then Mexico Bay area which was the most advanced cultures in the early classical, aoermaike culture.


It has been hailed as Mexico civilization's predecessor. About 300 BC the Mayan culture began to emerge and develop, it succeeded the Central American cultural traditions, developed a large sculpture, such as the temple. First half of 14th century, Mexico indigenous Aztec people over the Mexico Valley, established a Kingdom of absolute monarchy, formed the Aztec culture. In 16th century, Spain conquered the Aztec Empire, then looted and ruled to the South was the cradle of the Inca culture--Peru. In African cultures, the sculpture is one of the most important art form. Reliefs and sculpture in black Africa is mostly made of wood, but also of stone, metal and ceramic. It is divided into two categories: one is the folk arts, service to religion, magic, and others show their work; the other is to serve the ruling class of Palace of fine arts. These two sculptures are rich in content and diversity, rich decorative, expressive, strong visual impact. Since black African sculpture has a unique charm. Ancient Egypt culture is a shining star in the African culture. Ancient Egypt sculpture is the perfect combination of sculpture and architectural art model with historic monuments like Grand, broad, and very high artistic achievements. As some relief in order to keep the building's flat, compressed volume combined with the drawing of lines of the form, to the artistic effect of a novel.

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