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1.5m-3m Height Sculptures You must seen many sculptures at many places, such as gallery, hotel, club, office,amusement park,villas,residence, Square, garden , yard, home decoration and so on. They can be fabricated by fiberglass, stainless steel/metal, bronze/brass/copper, resin material. It can not only be the main mark of the city,but also attract the travelers here. We are one-stop service company for providing artists, sculptors and designers with design, production, transportation and installation guidance, furthermore custom design is acceptable or welcome. We are the manufacturer who help artists make these sculptures if provide the drawing or sketch. Waiting for your kind inquiry.
  • Fiberglass Resin Sculpture Office Decoration

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    Fiberglass Resin Sculpture Office Decoration

    Have you been attracted by this amazing Fiberglass Resin sculpture? It is put as desk decoration in office. It is not only economic,but also light for transportation.This kind of fiberglass tailor shape sculpture is suitable for any office for decoration usage. Go ahead...

  • Fiber Sculptures Office Ornament

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    Fiber Sculptures Office Ornament

    Fiber material is the good material that can be made into figure, cartoon, Buddha, Animal shape. Have you want to custom one Fiber Sculpture as picture? This is an amazing sculpture that is made by our professional sculptors.Wherever decorated in the shopping mall, home,...

  • Fiberglass Statues Indoor Ornament

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    Fiberglass Statues Indoor Ornament

    Fiberglass statues are made by composite of resin material, which is also called fiberglass material. This material is extremely cost-effective if you want to save cost. The shape, color and specification all can be customized as you want. Fiberglass material is widely used...

  • Fiberglass Sculptures Art Collectibles

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    Fiberglass Sculptures Art Collectibles

    Have you collected some sculptures to decorate your house or office? The is an art fiberglass sculpture that is installed in real estate office. Fiberglass material is widely used in manufacturing the sculptures. We should know how to make sculptures more beautiful and meet...

  • Garden Polyresin Bird Sculpture

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    Garden Polyresin Bird Sculpture

    Why modern sculptures are so welcome and visible at many places, such as garden, park, square, office, shopping, museum, gallery, art show and so on? The fiberglass is not only cost saving, but also light material that easy to carry. This is an amazing and creative fiber...

  • Fiberglass Statues Indoor Ornaments

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    Fiberglass Statues Indoor Ornaments

    Fiberglass Statues Indoor Ornaments are now widely used in office, villas, residence,shopping mall,club, pub and other places. Fiberglass material can be made into lots of many good and amazing shape sculptures. It is so economic for saving the cost. And it can be varnished...

Established in 2006, Piedra World Limited is well-known as one of the leading professional manufacturers and suppliers of 1.5m-3m height sculptures in China. We are not only create decorations but also works of art. And customized service is also offered in our factory. Please be free to buy our 1.5m-3m height sculptures.