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What Is Welding technique

Welding technology is under high temperature or high pressure conditions, which use welding materials (electrodes or welding wire) two or more than two pieces of the base material (to be welded workpiece) to connect into a whole operation.


The metal materials are the good material for making sculpture. It can be done into figure sculpture, animal sculpture, Buddha sculpture, vase sculptures, cartoon statues, Abstract sculpture, and so on.


Welding is through heating, pressure, or both, so that the same-sex or the opposite sex to produce a combination of atoms between the processing process and connection. Welding is widely used both for metal and nonmetal.


Welding technology is with the application of metal, and the ancient welding methods are mainly casting welding, brazing and forging welding. The iron-edged copper Yue, which is made by Chinese merchants, is a cast-welding piece of iron and copper. And its surface copper-iron fusion line twists and turns and is well jointed. During the spring and Autumn period, there are many Panlong in the building of the bronze seat in the tomb of the second time, which is made up of the segmented brazing. After analysis, the use of modern soft solder ingredients similar.


Brazing is the use of metal materials than the melting point of the workpiece as a filler, which the workpiece and solder is heated to a higher than the melting point, and lowered than the melting point of the workpiece temperature. It is the use of liquid solder wetting the workpiece, filling the interface gap and the workpiece to achieve the mutual diffusion of atoms, thus realizing the welding method.


The seams formed during the welding of the two connected bodies are called welds. Both sides of the weld will be subjected to welding heat during welding, and the microstructure and performance change, which is called the heat-affected zone. Welding of workpiece materials, welding current, and so on, after welding in the weld seam and heat affected areas may be overheating, embrittlement, hardening or softening phenomenon, but also to reduce the performance of welding parts, deterioration of weldability. This needs to adjust the welding conditions, before welding to the welding parts of the interface preheating, heat preservation and after welding heat treatment can improve welding quality. /


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