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The Modern And Contemporary Stainless Steel Sculptures About BRICS Conference

The Modern and Contemporary Stainless Steel Sculptures about BRICS Conference

The Sculptures are showing the upward, friendly and cooperated spirits from Xiamen, China. There are some stainless steel sculptures that totally show BRICE concept. Those amazing sculptures are not only designed with ideal shapes showed good prospects in five countries, but also show good skills in making sculptures.

The "Brics" (BRICS) cites the initials of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, which are known as the "Brics". Because they resemble the English brick (Brick).

The Brics has been held from 1st to 6th.Sep,2017,which has talked about the prospects for the fufure development. This is the greatest conference in Xiamen,which show the unique natural and cultural aspects of Xiamen. 

stainless steel sculptures.jpg

The origins of the BRICS

In 2001, Goldman Sachs introduced the BRIC concept for the first time, encompassing the world's four largest emerging market countries. The Bric (BRIC) cites the initials of Brazil, Russia, India and China, which are known as the BRIC countries, because the word is similar to the English brick (Brick).  

In June ,2009, the leaders of the four countries held their first meeting in Russia.

The second BRICS summit was held in Brazil in April, 2010. The leaders of the four countries issued the Joint Declaration, which elaborated their views and positions on issues such as the world economic situation, and agreed on concrete measures to promote cooperation and coordination among the BRICS countries. At this point, the "BRICS" cooperation mechanism is preliminarily formed.

The G20 Group meeting was held in Seoul in November 2010 and South Africa applied to join the BRIC countries at the meeting.

In December 2010, China, as the rotating chairman of the BRICS cooperation mechanism, agreed with Russia, India and Brazil to join South Africa as a full member of the BRICS cooperation mechanism. And the four BRIC countries were about to become five BRIC countries and renamed the BRICS Nations (BRICS).

Main activities

steel sculpture.jpg

Amazing colorful stainless steel sculptures in Xiamen, China

metal sculpture.jpg

Brics Metal sculpture in Xiamen

Including: small-scale talks, large-scale talks, the five leaders to meet with reporters, Chairman Hu who is one of the leaders that is holding the Welcome luncheon for the meeting.

During the meeting, Chairman Hu will make an important speech, fully expounding China's views and propositions on the current international situation as well as major international and regional issues, and looking forward to the prospects of cooperation between the BRICS countries and introducing the development of China.

Prior to the formal meeting, intensive bilateral meetings had begun. On 12th, Chairman Hu held talks with Brazilian President Rousseff in Beijing on 13th, when Chairman Hu met with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and South African President Jacob Zuma in Sanya.

BRICS ministers of Trade and Industry and BRICS forum also held in Sanya on 13th.


Folding meeting three big points

Brics Steel sculptures.jpg

Modern art statue.jpg

The BRICS summit marks another significant new development in China's multilateral diplomacy, the commentary said. "The rise of the BRICS countries has changed the international landscape and strength contrasts," said the 13th issue of Hong Kong's Wen Wei Po. In addition, the BRICS countries, the multilateral diplomatic mechanism, is conducive to China to rely on this platform to carry out large-power relations that is the concept of building a harmonious world.

According to the article, a new form of world pattern has appeared in the increasingly balanced power of the western developed countries, which dominate the world political economy for two hundred or three hundred of years. Over the years, the Brics have shown great dynamism in the international economic system. In particular, it has maintained a high growth rate in the global economic crisis and played an important role in promoting the global economic recovery.

The article points out that the BRICS countries accounted for 42% of the world's population, the total land area accounted for 30% of the world, gross domestic product accounted for 18% of the global total, trade volume accounted for 15% of the global trade, foreign exchange reserves currently accounted for 75% of the world's economic growth that has contributed more than 50%. Its growing influence in international affairs is not only an important platform for cooperation among developing countries, but also an important bridge for communication and communication between developed and developing countries.

The article emphasizes that the BRICS countries are spontaneously formed by the emerging developing countries to coordinate solutions to global problems, and have become an important force for international political and economic change and development. The convening of the Sanya Summit, "Looking to the future, sharing prosperity", will continue to play a locomotive role for the BRICS countries in getting rid of the world economic crisis and accelerating the recovery of the world economy and play a more important role in achieving the lofty goal of world peace, cooperation and development, which is a milestone in the process of BRICS solidarity and cooperation.

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