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The History Of The Sculpture Craft

Sculpture Craft

The city of Seney is located in the east of the Peloponnesian Peninsula on the southern tip of the Greek peninsula. The culture that takes place in this area is named after Seney city, and history is called "Mai Seney Culture", which becomes another important culture after the Minoan culture.


In Homer's epic Chronicle, Homer used the word "gold" to describe Mycenaean. In fact, it is not rich in gold, but gold and silver craft products are quite developed. This is due to the Seney people with the production of Jin, especially the Egyptian direct trade formed, the most notable of which is the gold mask, gold wine, etc. Today's archaeological discoveries are in addition to the lion's door decorative carving, which sculpture art achievements are mainly in gold and silver crafts products.


Mycenaean Craft Sculpture

Animal sculptures are widely used in the wine-vessel process. "Lion's head Goblet" is made of gold foil, which the image of realism is as the keynote. And it is focused on decorative carving, concise summary, showing the lion's basic image characteristics. The most interesting is the tall "pigeon glass" with a pair of hand that the shape is not the general. This kind of glass in the epic "Iliad" has been described: "next to put a glass, is the old man brought from home. " It was inlaid with gold nails, a total of four ears, each with a pair of golden pigeons standing on top of their ears, as if they were pecking, and there were two long handles underneath. " This is the true record," epic "does have historical basis.



Aegean Art from the geographical environment seems to be connected with Egyptian art, followed by the Greek art, but it is by no means Egyptian art and Greek art intermediary. The sculpture art of the Aegean region has the national and local characteristics. This kind of individuality characteristic is not only manifests in the artistic form constitution, but also manifests in the esthetic consciousness. The Aegean's artistic image gives people a sense of vision unlike Egypt's worship of gods and Pharaohs,which is more of a disregard for gods and kings. Their art is directly related to the human being and the real life, and the art form is more relaxed and natural than ancient Egypt that with a harmonious rhythm and fluctuation law.



Crete after the rise and fall, Trojan War has destroyed Troy. And Michael Seney decline, a group of savage nomadic ethnic Atika south, a generation of ancient civilizations are in the iron under the foot of the ruins. But in the ruins of this civilization, it has bred the ancient Greek civilization.


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